The LSAT Auto-Analysis program is a cutting edge development that allows the analyst to reveal most existing linguistic signals including the calculation of Perceived Time and BDA ratio, automatically! The program takes only seconds to conduct and saves the analyst an extraordinary amount of time.

Our Auto program identifies:

  • Connecting phrases
  • Information gaps
  • People
  • Times
  • Sensitivity
  • Emotions
  • Crime-specific words
  • !!! Automatic BDA calculation
  • !!! Automatic Perceived Time calculations

The program allows the user to interpret and inject their own views of the statement by offering color coding options, connecting line options, BDA ratio points identification, and missing pronoun locations.

Our program is web-based which means there are no discs to fumble with or lose and no updates to pay for. The program is always updated! We even provide analysis storage for each user.


The image below is an example of how the program

This image shows the output into a word document.

Click here to view the user guide for the LSAT Auto-Analysis program

The LSAT Auto-Analysis application will is available in unlimited use packages that includes our 70 Practice Statement CD:

1 Year; Unlimited Use     $229
2 Year Unlimited Use      $259
3 Year Unlimited Use      $289

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