Become A Human Lie Detector

Have you ever been burned by somebody because they told you an outright lie? It can happen in your business life and personal life. A significant other tells you they love you while they are cheating on you or a client says their business is solvent while they file bankruptcy and you lose all your money. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid situations like these? Based on research by behavioral scientists and the work of the FBI and police officers a system has been developed to help people detect lies. Our Loveland lie-detection training can give you ongoing support and the skills you need to protect yourself against deception.

Remember, detecting lies is extremely difficult. It is more of an art than a science. People can fool lie detector tests so they can definitely fool you. There is no single behavior that indicates deception one hundred percent of the time. Rather, detecting lies requires observing multiple behaviors and analyzing them using surrounding context. Also, just because a person shows some of the signs from the list below does not necessarily mean they are lying. It just means they might be lying.

  • Face Touching
  • Rubbing The Back Of The Neck
  • Lip Pursing
  • Hair Stroking
  • Playing With Jewelry
  • Covering The Neck Dimple (usually in women)
  • Eye Blocking (Closing Eyes Tightly)
  • Rubbing Palms On Legs
  • Hand Wringing

Sign up for one of our seminars today and learn all the techniques you need to detect deception and make sure you are never fooled by a dishonest person again.