Lie Detection And Pre-Employment

The federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act, passed in 1988, virtually outlawed using lie detectors in connection with employment. That law covers all private employers in interstate commerce, which includes just about every private company that uses a computer, the U.S. mail, or a telephone system to send messages to someone in another state.

Under the Act, it is illegal for all private companies to:

- require, request, suggest or cause any employee or job applicant to submit to a lie detector test

- use, accept, refer to or inquire about the results of any lie detector test conducted on an employee or job applicant, or

-dismiss, discipline, discriminate against, or even threaten to take action against any employee or job applicant who refuses to take a lie detector test.

The law also prohibits employers from discriminating against or firing those who claim its protections. While government employees are not protected by this law, they are generally protected from lie detector tests by civil service rules. With strict regulations in place, Loveland lie-detection training has never been more important. Making sure you are hiring honest employees could be the difference between being taking advantage of through theft or other means and having a long-term valuable person in your company. Do not take the risk or being deceived and sign up for one of our classes to learn skills you will use over and over again in your hiring process. You can have the peace of mind knowing you are only employing quality people.