Statement Analysis For Lie Detection

Statement Analysis is the process of analyzing a person’s words to determine if a subject is being truthful or deceptive. The reason these techniques work is because people’s words will betray them. There are usually several ways you can phrase a statement. People will always word their statement based on all their knowledge. Therefore, their statement may include information they did not intend to share. It is nearly impossible to give a lengthy deceptive statement without revealing it is a lie. Our Loveland lie-detection training can give you tools of statement analysis to become a skilled lie detection specialist.

The Statement Analysis techniques are very accurate because they are based on the English language specifically word definitions and the rules of grammar. For example, when a person states, “I am trying to be honest” he is telling us he is not being honest. The word “tried” means he is only attempting to be truthful. When a rape victim uses the pronoun “we” in her statement she is revealing she is being deceptive. The pronoun “we” not only shows plurality but it also means a partnership was formed. We would not expect a rape victim to partner up with her attacker. When a person uses phrases such as “later on” or “afterwards” he has withheld some information by skipping over something in his story. Practicing these proven techniques make lie detection fail proof and can be extremely beneficial in many professional fields. Sign up for one of our classes today!