What others are saying about us

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"Bob has a thorough knowledge of this subject"

“Bob has a thorough knowledge of this subject coupled with years of experience. A wonderful teacher who breaks the technique down into understandable steps…

J. Dell;  Dell Investigations, Denver CO

"It is vital for any investigator"

“It is vital for any investigator. [Bob] was patient, easy to understand and remarkably thorough.”

Andy Kindred; Private Investigator;  Insight America; Broomfield, CO

"The session was very interesting…"

“The session was very interesting…learning from how Bob uses the LSAT technique at his work”.

Ofc. Michael Gulluly; Detective; Billings MT PD

"his interaction with the class makes it very informative and interesting…"

“Bob is down-to-earth and his interaction with the class makes it very informative and interesting…very beneficial not only for criminal investigations but internal issues and hiring as well”.

C. Thomas; Deputy Fire Marshal; N. Metro Fire Denver, CO

"it surpassed my expectations"

"I had heard great things about this training and it surpassed my expectations."

R. Hawke; Investigator; Grand Junction CO

"thought provoking and mentally stimulating"

“Wonderful! …thought provoking and mentally stimulating…mixes just the right amount of humor…”

J. Surbeck; Chief and Fire Investigator; Evans CO FD

"It was fun and laid-back"

“It was fun and laid-back, but focused on class. Bob is patient with students who have difficulty understanding. An all around very cool class with a great instructor”.

Melissa Kenny; Account Technician; Denver CO

“Excellent class" 

“Excellent class. I’d highly recommend it regardless of your level of experience or training”.

Ofc. Andrew Haase; Fort Collins PD; Fort Collins CO

"The session is well organized"

“The session is well organized…good use of class time with no unnecessary overlap…Bob is a very qualified and engaging instructor”.

Ofc. Rick Ballantyne; Detective; Billings MT PD

"Very informative and a great class"

“Very informative and a great class. I would encourage others, especially investigators to take this training”.

Ofc. Beth Strosnider; Albuquerque PD; Albuquerque NM

"This training should be part of the training of all new officers"

“This training should be part of the training of all new officers. It makes interviewing suspects and victims much more effective...”

J. Metzler; Field Training Officer

"He [Bob] makes the class comfortable"

“He [Bob] makes the class comfortable. The information is passed on with good humor and in a non-critical atmosphere”.

Dee Rose; Dee Rose Investigations; Arvada CO

"Great instruction"

“Great instruction. Bob took a complicated subject and taught it effectively to new students. I was excited to learn a new approach to detecting deception”.

Steve Hannum; Patrol Sergeant; Calhan CO PD

"a MUST for sex crimes investigators"

“Good information and a MUST for sex crimes investigators and background investigators”.

Ofc. Ron Frost; APD; Albuquerque NM

"Bob is extremely knowledgeable about LSAT and is able to present the information clearly to all students"

“Bob is extremely knowledgeable about LSAT and is able to present the information clearly to all students. This will enable me to streamline my officers’ investigations”.

Sgt Nick Olmsted; Investigations Sergeant; Divide CO PD

"A totally new way to look at my work"

“A totally new way to look at my work. The session was relaxed and he [Bob] is extremely knowledgeable”.

Virgie Nelson; Youth Services Coordinator; Sterling CO

"This is a valuable tool"

“This is a valuable tool. I’d had this information before and it was even better”

Det. Joe Bonomo; Colorado Springs PD

“A unique subject"

“A unique subject. Excellent training and instructional materials”.

Sgt. Mark Conte; Colorado Springs PD

"This is extremely practical”

“The instructor was patient and open to discussion on complex issues. This is extremely practical”.

Ofc. Lee Wohlgemuth; APD; Albuquerque NM

"You will enjoy this class!”

“My instructor was a wealth of knowledge. You will enjoy this class!”

Det. Larry Tafoya; NM State Patrol

"I found that LSAT has practical applications"

“I found that LSAT has practical applications I can immediately apply in my job”.

Det. James Kenney; Master Police Officer; Estes Park CO PD

"I will be applying this technique immediately”

“I am a violent crimes detective and I will be applying this technique immediately”.

Det. Mark Myers; Las Cruces PD; Las Cruces NM

“Go! It’s worth the time"

“Go! It’s worth the time. I found the application of LSAT to actual statements in the session to me most beneficial”.

Deputy Mike Vidman;  Westcliffe CO

“Excellent class and instructor!"

“Excellent class and instructor! This was something entirely new and fascinating for me”.

Mike Flynn; Detective Colorado Springs PD

"Complicated material made easy to understand"

“Complicated material made easy to understand. Mr. Shaffer did a great job. The instructional materials were great”.

Ofc. W. Lander; Colorado Springs PD

"The entire class was beneficial”

“Bob is a personable instructor and definitely understands the LSAT concepts. The entire class was beneficial”.

Ofc. Shawn Rowe; Patrolman; Canon City CO PD