1. Interesting and Useful

    This is one of the most interesting and useful classes I have taken in years. I wish I had this insight into statements years ago!…Read More

    Jimmy Gleaton; Cayce PD, Cayce SC
  2. Unbelievable!

    “It is unbelievable how this really works! Our instructor, Bob, is easy going and eager to give his knowledge.”…Read More

    Officer Rick Garcia, Las Cruces PD
  3. Extremely Practical

    “This training is extremely practical for all aspects of law enforcement.”…Read More

    Det.Lee Wohlgemuth, Albuquerque PD
  4. Great learning experience

    “I had a great learning experience! The instructor is very knowledgeable and teaches the technique in a way that is easily understood and very conducive to learning.”…Read More

    Det. Mark Myers, Las Cruces PD
  5. Great instructor

    “Great instructor and the practical, hands-on training was very beneficial”…Read More

    Officer Al Brown, Trainer, Fort Collins PD
  6. Lot of fun

    “Great learning environment. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.”…Read More

    Det. Nathan Kyleberg, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office
  7. Great opportunity

    “I am a homicide detective and will love to use LSAT as an alternative to simply interviewing. This is a great opportunity.”…Read More

    Det. Larry Tafoya, Albuquerque PD
  8. Good instructor

    “Bob is a very good instructor. He is able to communicate the content and does a great job articulating how to apply it.”…Read More

    Officer Chad Phillipi, Billings PD
  9. Recommend it

    “Every officer should attend. I also recommend it to people working in the commercial arena. I’m excited to apply it.”…Read More

    Det. Jay Barnes, Albuquerque PD
  10. Excellent individual attention

    “The instructor was excellent and gave excellent individual attention.”…Read More

    Deputy Don Donges, Valencia County Sheriff’s Office